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Common industrial ACORUSES electric motors 63 - 355
  • Common industrial ACORUSES electric motors 63 - 355

Common industrial ACORUSES electric motors 63 - 355

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The unified series of asynchronous electric motors. The ACORUS series covers a power range from 60 W to 315 kW. There are about 17 dimensions of the engines characterized by values of height of an axis of rotation from 50 mm to 355 mm and frequencies of rotation of 3000 rpm, 1500 rpm, 1000 rpm, 750 rpm.

The structure of a series provides the following groups of execution of electric motors:
– main execution;
– modifications under the terms of the environment (tropical, chemically resistant, for agriculture);
– on the accuracy of the adjusting sizes (high precision and the increased accuracy);
– with additional devices (with a phase rotor, with the built-in electromagnetic brake);
– with the raised starting moment;
– with the increased sliding;
– multi-speed;
– highly specialized (for ship mechanisms, for the drive of monoblock pumps, miner execution, for the drive of compressors, etc.).

Electric motors of the main execution are intended for work from the alternating current main of the frequency of 50 Hz and are produced on the following rated voltage:

– 220 IN; 380 V / 220 IN; 380 IN; 660 IN; 380 V / 660 CENTURY.

Power of electric motors of the ACORUS series: 60 W are 370 W, 0,55 KW are 11,0 kW, 15,0 kW are 315 kW.

Service conditions of ACORUSES electric motors: Ambient temperature from minus 40 °C to plus 40 °C. Relative humidity of air at a temperature plus 25 °C — to 98% for execution of U2, U1. Dust content of air for engines with degree of protection 1P44 no more than 10 mg/m3, 1P23 of no more than 2 mg/m3. The environment is not explosive, not containing conducting dust, aggressive gases and vapors in the concentration destroying metal and isolation.

Average value of level of a sound at distance of 1 m from the case of the engine of the main execution idling makes from 51 to 85 dBA depending on a dimension (50-250 mm) and the synchronous frequency of rotation.

Design: ACORUSES electric motors are produced in pig-iron execution (a bed and boards from cast iron) and in aluminum execution (a bed from aluminum alloy, boards from cast iron).

Information is up-to-date: 15.05.2019
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