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High-voltage A4 electric motors
  • High-voltage A4 electric motors

High-voltage A4 electric motors

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Country of manufacture:Russia
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Electric motors the asynchronous A4 series, three-phase with a short-circuited rotor, are intended for the drive of the mechanisms which are not demanding regulation of frequency of rotation for pumps, fans, smoke exhausters.

Engines are used for work from the alternating current main with a frequency of 50 Hz with a voltage of 3000 V, 6000 V and 10000 Century. Engines of 3000 V are manufactured in dimensions of engines of 6000 V with preservation of power.

Current of the stator of engines of 3000 V is twice more, than at engines of 6000 V.

Type of climatic modification of engines of 3000 V and 6000 V — U3, T3.

Type of climatic modification of engines of 10000 V — U3.

Nominal operating mode — long S1.

Design of engines — IM1001.

Way of cooling of engines — ICA01.

Degree of protection of engines — IP23.

Launch of engines of a straight line, is provided as at tension of network during start-up to 0,8 U numbers. Engines allow two start-up in a row from a cold state or one start-up from a hot state.

Interval between the subsequent start-up not less than three hours, the number of start-up not less than 2000 during operation, but no more than 250 start-up a year during the guarantee period.

Engines have rolling bearings with plastic lubricant.

Connection of engines with the driving mechanism is carried out by means of the elastic coupling.

Insulating materials of a winding of the stator of a class of heat stability are not lower "In". Isolation of a winding of the stator thermoreactive like "the Monolith — 2".

The winding of the stator has six output ends fixed on four insulators in a box of conclusions. Connection of phases of windings — a star. Engines allow the right and left direction of rotation. Change of the direction of rotation is carried out only from a condition of rest.

Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 15.05.2019
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