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Crane MTKF electric motors
  • Crane MTKF electric motors

Crane MTKF electric motors

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Country of manufacture:Russia
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Crane electric motors of the MT series are intended for the drive of the crane mechanisms working in the short - term and repeated and short - term modes with frequent start - up and electric braking. Crane engines can be used also for mechanisms of a long operating mode.

Engines are intended for food from network of 380 V, 50 Hz with three removed ends from a stator winding, and also can be manufactured on tension 220/380 and 380/660 In with six removed ends for connection of phases in a star or a triangle. At the request of the customer engines on other tension and frequencies are manufactured.

MTF, MTH, MTI engines are manufactured with a phase rotor, MTKF, MTKH, MTKI engines — with a short - circuited rotor one - and 2 - speed.

MT (K) F engines are intended for a temperate climate (execution of U1), MT (K) N engines are intended for works at the increased temperatures (execution of U1), for tropical climate (execution of T1) and for a frigid climate (execution of HL1).

MT (K) I engines have uniform climatic modification 01 and, having certain stocks on heating, allow work in the conditions of metallurgical production

Cooling of engines — external having blown (IC 0141). Degree of protection of engines — IP 44, degree of protection of a box of conclusions and the hatch of contact rings of engines — IP 54.

Design on a way of installation (1M):

MT (K) 311, 312:
IM1001, IM1002 — horizontal, with one and two cylindrical the ends of a shaft;
IM2001 — horizontally flange with one cylindrical end of a shaft;
IM2011, IM2012 — vertically flange with one and two cylindrical ends of a shaft.
MT (K) THE 411, 411, MT (K) THE 412, 412:
IM1003, IM1004 — horizontal, with one and two conic ends of a shaft.

MT (K) AND 225:
IM2003 — horizontally flange with paws, with one conic end of a shaft;
IM2013, IM2014 — vertically flange with one and two conic ends of a shaft.

MT (K) I 225 engines can be manufactured with the cylindrical ends of a shaft performed by IM1001, IM1002, IM2001, IM2011, IM2012.

MTF, MTKF, MTH, MTKH engines conform to GOST and requirements of normative documents of MEK. On coordination of a scale of capacities with rotation axis heights MTI, MTKI engines conform to the standards Cenelec, DIN.

Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 22.12.2020
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